The Soap

Soap is the dead-inside but loyal leader of the group, The Host of our glorious page, and is the reason we’re allowed on the internet. Although he plays games a lot, his favorite game is Starbound, however despite this… nobody plays with him.

The Uni

Uni is the former evil mastermind behind the group, he was once leader before Soap took the throne from him, for good reason though. He enjoys Grand Theft Auto 4, much to the dismay of his rival Moo.

The Melon

Melon is the innocently unstable but supportive artist of the group, she draws the gang and herself going on many adventures, even though they are so far away from one another. She enjoys Minecraft, and dislikes drama.

The Cow

Moo the cow, is the depressed loner of the group, who dreams of┬álove, but unfortunately doesn’t dream of him. He frequently despises anything the gang play, but does so anyway to make them happy.

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