Irregular Comics

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The Irregulars Comics #6: Butterfly

So, for some reason our cow friend Moo has a problem with the beautiful butterflies. Who doesn’t like butterflies?! You’re worst than SATAN… unless, Satan IS the butterfly?

The Irregulars Comics #5: Knock Knock!

Uni and Moo play a nice healthy game of knock knock, who’s there?

The Irregulars Comics #4: Hat Club!

Bedazzled by Uni’s magnificent head garment, Moo and Soap decide that they would also like fancy new head accessory. Melon, overwhelmed by the thought of all that extra work breaks the fourth wall to make her getaway.

The Irregulars Comics #3: Nothing to Play…

When you’re just trying to play some games online with your imaginary friends and this happens!

First World Problems… 🙁

The Irregulars Comics #2: The Fedora!

And thus, the Fedora was born!


The Irregulars Comics #1: Hanging Around…

Starting things off dark.