Malin’s Introduction!

Sometimes life is shit, but that’s totally fine when you have each other.

A Uni Puni, a Mooing Moo, a Juicy Melon and a Slippery Soap.

We can fight, but we are family! We are there for one another!

This is our page, we post comics for the moment. When work and life interferes, we take a break, but we always try to get back to our creative sides and make more content and make our bond stronger.


Don’t forget to be sexier then a mug!


A few days have passed and after much procrastinating we finally have our entire library of comics (A whopping total of 4) back on the site and we’re slowly but surely getting our shizzel together.

Check back irregularly (ha, see what I did there) for new comics and other bits and boberts.

-Moo, the most handsomest and totally not lonely cow on the internet.

New Website Layout!

So, we forgot to pay for the domain and lost our previous website… What a shame, and now we cannot find the previous theme we once used, so for now: this layout! It’s not the best, and we still need to re-upload all of the comics, but we’ll get there! Hopefully we don’t lose anything again.

Thanks for understanding, once an Irregulars, always an Irregular!


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